In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

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  • Parrot Peers at Democracy


    Michael Heseltine for Prime Minister – and Leader of the Opposition at the same time –… continue reading

  • Jez Hoeing


    This Tuesday, a significant vote will take place in the Commons. The work Theresa May and many another have spent the last two years (expensively) preparing, this dubious “deal” she has struck for dividing the UK from the EU, will either pass or fail to pass. The consequences of either decision will be momentous, and…

  • Satan at Meat


    … continue reading

  • Report


    I wish to report a strange man of average height, indeterminate skin colour but a knowing look who sidled into town today wearing an immaculate top hat and shoddy trainers. He said he was searching for a convenient park popular with the townspeople where he could set himself up to sell his famous elixir.  …