In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

The Parrot and the Clowns


The Parrot has joined the circus, remember. He’s still there and in the stanza above, he’s reporting back from a conference of clowns he heard today.

All familiar shapes are now in question. In the UK, Brexit alone has been causing a great number of them to buckle. Democracy is one. What is democracy, after all ? The word keeps being thrown about, with so many conflicting claims on it. Today, Wednesday September 11th, when the UK Prime Minister was found in court to have lied to the Queen, Stephen Kinnock, MP, published an article in the Guardian in which he seems to imply that the 2016 EU referendum was “democratic” and the result should be “respected.”…/lib-dems-revoke-article-50-un… The stanza above was written in opposition to that view-point.