In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

The Parrot Seeks Respite from the Flood


Last week “Prime Minister” Johnson tried to take political advantage of the terrorist attack in London. This despite the appeals of the father of one of the victims, expressly not to do so. But how could Mr Johnson resist ? He’d lose one vote, no doubt, but might well have gained rather more than one. It’s just a matter of weighing the numbers. A no brainer for a Toad. So he said it was Labour who were responsible for those deaths. 

What further depths do we have to sink to ?

In the meantime, the Parrot, Bird of Paradise, uncaged and homeless and close to exhaustion, looks for an ark for respite or as staging post, as the Flood continues to cover the Earth.

We seem to have strayed into the Old Testament. Or has the Old Testament suddenly been translated into our present darkness ?