In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

The Parrot Watches Another Circus Act


Events are taking place at a speed even more bewildering than “usual.” The references in this latest stanza, uploaded Sunday 8th September, already feel bit old as I write this, even though the events they refer to took place only days ago. Johnson began this last week as if starting a general election campaign. Then, on Thursday, his brother Jo resigned. In the meantime, his election plan has been frustrated in Parliament and he has ended the week being told that he would be found in contempt and jailed if he now goes ahead with No Deal. During the week, Johnson made a speech in front of ranks of police cadets assembled for a Toad election propaganda backdrop. The speech did not go down well, nor did Mr Johnson’s use of the police as political prop.

The word “Blob” was apparently coined either by Michael Gove or Dominic Cummings. I suspect the latter, for what it’s worth. These two worked together in the Education department at some point. “The blob” was how they described the teachers who resisted the crushingly exam-dominated changes Gove was to introduce to schools across the country, during his tenure as Secretary for Education (Cameron later demoted him). Yesterday evening, the Tory Minister Amber Rudd announced her resignation.