In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

We Have Government


We have government by massage,
manipulation, lie.
It attacks the body politic.
We watch and we comply.
Power is its only purpose
deceit its only skill
the electorate just putty
for moulding to its will.

Our “leaders” claim the right to rule
through winning our consent
their means of winning foul
their ways of winning bent.
Some intentions they hide
others they pervert
an election just another way
to defraud the electorate.

They keep their small majority
through daily tricks and lies
and by stoking fear and fantasy
in a people they despise.
Some chose them for promises
they broke overnight
yet still they preen in power
as if by legal right.

Democracy is founded
upon honour at heart.
A state that cheats its people
is illegitimate.

The proper place is jail
for a leadership that lies ;
Not “Minister,” “criminal”
the title that applies.

The heart of our community
lies tortured in defeat.
Outlaws kick the corpse aside.
It is outlaws rule our street.

Rogan Wolf, November 2015